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Wishing you all (and your bitter-sweet ones) a happy Valentine’s Day,

I would like to talk about PHONES.

I know it’s not very romantic…but…

To make the long story short, my smartphone broke recently and what I’m using currently it’s something I borrowed and that I have to give back.

Now I have to pick a new one. Thing is that as you may have noticed, I’m not an easy person and have my own very specific exigencies.

Let’s see if you, readers and friends, can help me with the choice.

I have no preference with the Trademark,  but the following criteria MUST be respected:

1). SAR value 0,45W/kg (the LESSer it is the better!!!),

2). MINIMUM 32GB internal memory, (expandable with ext. SD card is a BIG PLUS!)

3). 3000-mAh Battery (the greater it is, the better!!!)

4). The more durable and reliable it is, the better!

Please phone company reading this, let us know if you have something that could pick our interest!

We will be happy to test your flagship smartphone and promote it, if we like it.







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