It’s confirmed: Kate Walker is a Master Escapologist!


So after 12 years here we are again.

Kate Walker got lost in Syberia’s frost. She is found covered in snow by the Youkols, a nomadic tribe. After trying to cure her with shamanic rituals, they take her to Valsembor’s Hospital.



To be honest, we don’t know. We have many questions unanswered, still.

We got the feeling that all that happens is concentrated/compressed in the first hour of the game. And we are litterally buried by a snowslide of information.

How about giving us a piece of the plot-pie at the time instead?

Leaving us some time to digest:

– the coma,

-Kurk’s amputated leg,

– creepy doctors conspiring in a decadent hospital full of hopeless people,


– Kate’s apparent paranoia (which is actually her awareness!!! but ofc no one’s listening…)

– the nostalgia for Oscar and Hans (bittersweet memories!).





  • Kate’s escape from the Hospital (reminded me of Syberia 2 – escape from the Monastery) But even better 🙂 SIMPLY EPIC!
  • Hans/Oscar’s Heart as a pendant – this is sooo ROMANTIC!
  • Enigmas are challenging but not too hard. A nice balance! Chapeau, Mr. Sokal. *bow down*,


  • 3D interactions are simply stunning,
  • Involving story (so far),
  • Sense of humor, typical of the Syberia series. Found myself laughing more than once in an hour.

If you, like us, are a great fan of Syberia since the early ’00s, buy the game, don’t think twice. BUT FIRST READ BELOW.


  • Forgive me if I say this, but the graphics looks somewhat “old” in our modest opinion, synchros and animations are sometimes a bit of a pain… how many polygons have you used??? 3 or 5? Now that’s too little 🙂 just kidding,
  •  When you have to choose between dialogues’ options, if you take a few seconds to decide what to say, the character you are talking to, raises its voice (really!) interrupts your thinking (very rude) and pushes you to answer as quick as possible. TOO ANNOYING!!! 😦 TREMENDOUS and anxiety-rising…Where is my Xanax, Madame Olga? 
  • À propos, why is Dr. Olga called “Madame” Olga by the psychiatrist? I got my own hilarious theory about it: it looks like they have a sort of BDSM relationship where she’s the bad mistress commanding him firmly and he is the blindly obedient submissive. What the hell…? :”)
  • Tridimensionality that looks like 2D??? Overexaggerately cartoonish.
  • Kate Walker looks and sounds like she’s now 16…Though she says she’s about 30, right? She was an elegant LADY, self-confident, independent, stubborn even TALL and… athletic! A highly-successful, efficient, cultivated, diplomatic, professional lawyer almost catwalking (better than Naomi Campbell) on Valadilène’s streets back in 2004,
  • We see too little depth of field in the scenarios, sorry we are photographers after all!
  • You often find Kate hitting objects repeatedly not knowing exactly where to go as you can’t really change your camera angle and there’s NO map,
  • The world looks OPEN but it’s NOT, you will say: “but it’s a graphic adventure not an open world!”. Right but still I got an hybrid feeling… it would have been cooler if the player could move the camera around like 360°, changing the point of view and if the Heart pendant would have “pulsated” approaching objects of interest, highlighting them someway instead of having those ugly (often unnoticed) white dots!
  • I also got some perplexities about age restrictions, the game itself looks pretty childish like PEGI said 12+ but if I was a parent I would be concerned about some content that would be more appropriate for 16-18 yrs (mental illness, shamanism, racism, pollution, conspiracy, death). 

Wanna make an adult game?

We honestly think that Syberia has never been a children game from the start so… Perfect!!! We all agree, then make adult graphics! 

  • Kate’s and some characters’ eyes are like…EMPTY and their faces almost completely lack of facial mimic.
  • The dialogue icons are exactly the same whether the character is relevant to the progression of the story or not…this is sort of a limitation because it kinda forces you to talk to everybody, even if you, like me, are sociophobic! 🙂

That all said, we have faith in God, in Microïds, in Anuman Interactive, in Koalabs, in the future and in Benoît Sokal and we know that Syberia 4 and the following chapters will be 18+ (YEAH!), AWESOME, more advanced, realistic and with anxiety-free dialogues! Ah, not to forget a better distribution of the plot.

Don’t get us wrong we love this game but this felt like a little “Vorgeschmack” to us! 

Now we wouldn’t mind to get the real thing!!!

 Hop, hop, allez…au travail! 🙂

Anuman Interactive! If you want to hire me, you know where to find me.






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