double copyrighted 2

double copyrighted

It’s not all about focal length with Astrophotography.

I just heard some moonstrucked “Youtube gurus” claim that it doesn’t really matter if the camera is a bridge or a dslr, and if it’s capable of shooting raw or not, as long at it has a “decent telephotolens”.

This gave me goosebumps!

Most bridge and consumer dslr cameras CAN’T shoot uncompressed raw and their built-in/ kit lens are mostly really poor…but anyway it’s not about the gear.

Compression artefacts instead for an enthusiast photographer are a big deal!

Back to focal length…

As I started taking quality pictures of the Moon, in particular, I too, I complained about how “miserable” my consumer lens on my full frame pro camera was : f4-5.6 VR II 70-300mm

Luckily, there are often many ways of implementing what one already has, whether it’s about photography gear that we speak or else. And in such a consumistic society it’s pretty easy to get distracted and to forget this and many other pearls of wisdom!

Thing is that having restrictions is what helps one to get creative and re-focus on the Ziel rather than on the means.

So I used what I had, and I have to say that I’m – most modestly – pretty happy of the results.

If I would have zoomed all-in, I would have lost the stars, the remarkably dramatic eternal “fight” between light and shadow, the clouds…etc.

So think, expand, re-consider, re-invent, squeeze your brains.


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