Street photography ‘n’ social paranoia :)

Dear Friend,
Today I went to Alexanderplatz with my camera and I felt an unusual urge
to dive into Street photography and in other words, to “shoot” everyone…:)
Ein Herz auf Eis für den Muttertag.
Thing is that I remember, back in the late ’90s – early ’00s when
I was a child and I was given disposable cameras
by my mum to play with and people were much easier about
the privacy thing and it was much easier to obtain
candid shots of tourists and people.
My favourite game was like this: I would have randomly shot
random people, then “run” away laughing, hide and repeat.
Nobody has ever complained. Maybe because I was a child.
Maybe because social media wasn’t there.
Don’t know.
Everything was so much fun! 🙂
But really, I think it’s so much harder nowadays to be that spontaneous.
Everyone (including me probably) would get paranoid or at least annoyed about
unknown people taking pictures of you while one’s unaware of what’s happening.
Actually the politically correct approach would be:
– introduce yourself,
– show your badge, explaining that you’re a pro-photographer and your visiting card,
– discretely and politely ask the subject if you can take a picture to add to your portfolio or projects files,
– pose him/her and shoot.
All this process takes time and spontaneity away, so…
what to do?
Take the risk of dirty words and aggression or ruin the best shot of your life?
Thanks for your kind attention, speak soon!
Tons of love,

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