THIS (above) is my second-hand Nikkor AF 24-120mm f.3.5-5.6 D aged (1996-2002).

It’s (technically) a terrible, scary (not to say disgusting!) lens.

It distorts every lingle straight line, the focus is always slightly, nerve-wrecklingly off, and most probably it chromatically aberrates everything.

This is the lens that I use most, though.

I got it for less than 170€ on ebay when I moved to Germany.

And the price is a big thing.

But also…


There are fractions of seconds in life where YOU SIMPLY JUST CAN’T CHANGE LENS, because YOU LOSE YOUR MOST SIGNIFICANT SHOTS!!!

This is one of the lessons that this oldie taught me.

I pair it with it’s plasticky sister the AF-S 70-300mm f.4.5-5.6G ED VR (also a crappy one).

Thing is: a lens is a lens.

A piece of glass, that plays the medium role between the soul of the artificially intelligent camera body and the reality around you/me.

It’s more than important to invest in a good glass.

I can fully understand those who preach “Lens First!”.

The sensor in my humblest opinion IS 70% of the final IMAGE.

Poor sensor? The finest glass in the whole universe worth 1000000000000000000000000€ won’t save your shot, neither your very nerdy latest Photoshop/Lightroom version will.

Canon shooters? Your colours will always look WEIRD forever and ever no matter what you do. AMEN! 😛

Sony lovers? Hihihi 🙂

I mean, of course, don’t imitate me!

I invested the most on a body, but I had my reasons.

For example, I didn’t want my raw images to have any compression. Because I’m paranoid about compression, but that’s a personal mental issue due to my own PSTD that shouldn’t affect you, dearest Reader.

And yes, since I suffer from OCD too, I wanted the highest resolution available and the best overall image quality and…and…and…

To put an end to this post, I’m more than satisfied with what I offer currently.

Would you dare saying this (below) is a bad shot?









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