Aura by MUGLER.


Have you ever wondered what an Emerald scent is like?

If the answer is no, please follow these steps to get the purest feeling.

Find a safe, quiet, tidy, undisturbed room. Put some meditation music on, possibly some organic, “green” sounds (e.g. birds singing in early morning, leaves caressed by a summer breeze, etc.) or play an instrument yourself, in order to relax and get into the right mood.

Now please sit or lay down, unite your hands and place them on your chest, close to your heart and breathe deeply. Forget everything for a moment.


Past, sorrow and daily worries do not matter now.

Focus on the rythm of your lungs. Your natural rythm.

Thoughts will now pop up. Accept, observe, and let them go as free as the flow of a fresh mountain river.

Don’t judge anything or anyone. Leave guilt and shame aside.

Think of an Emerald. A precious, huge, half-polished stone suspended on air. The background is as dark as night though the stone glows moderately, enlighting the ambient of a soft, noble, elegant light coming from within.

It whispers something we can’t hear clearly. As we get closer, we are also able to catch its…SCENT.


Walking alone in the dark, we do not see clearly and we can’t be careful.

We might also encounter a beast, like those of legends and myths.

Certaintly this gem hasn’t been left unsupervised.

What can we do? We can TRUST, no one but ourselves.

Actually, we have no choice. We can listen to our primitive, animal instinct. It’s still there, repressed and silenced, but it still lives and it can still guide us in this mystical journey.

AURA by THIERRY MUGLER inspired this fiery, majestic, wild vision.


A unique frangrance for a unique woman, might scare you as a predator venomous snake at first but if you let it glide and sit on your skin for a while, then you might even start appreciating its unexpected, honorific company.







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