(Unholy) Trinity Music GmbH is doing Great Damage (also) to Professionals in Berlin.


Message to the Labels:


There are thousands out there.

My personal experience with them was a real nightmare from the very beginning.

Only with them there are ALWAYS problems! 

I must as well underline and report the dullness, the absolute arrogance, the discriminatory tone that these people had with me in more than one occasion. I’m sure that if there had been a pissy male Viking answering the phone yesterday, in my place, they would have been acting waaay differently! 

In two years that I moved to Berlin, no professional accreditation attempt with them was successful.

Guess why…here comes the juicy part…THEY JUST “FORGET” about it.

They’ll NEVER EVER answer your email.

If they ever do, well (guess what) it’s… too late…

When one finally finds the courage to pick up the phone just to know what the freaky hell is going on after months of creepy silence, all one finds is a random (obviously an “exploited victim”, underpayed and terrified, as one could clearly hear a trembling voice) poor someone that has actually no idea of how things in this ugly, cruel world work, but somehow tells you that your request hasn’t probably been elaborated yet. MONTHS later.

Whaaaaat??? The event is in a couple of days… Ok, f*ck the event.

That where one starts having doubts about the myth of German efficiency.

It’s already the 3rd (maybe 4th) freaking time that THEY OPENLY get in MY (professional) way, and I want to make 100% sure that this won’t happen again. I simply DON’T want them to do any further damage, nor to me (by mobbing and bullying in a horrible phone call) or any other single person who’s trying to (peacefully) do their job in Berlin.

Now it’s open war, just for the sake of get rid (once and for all) of these incapable, arrogant, chaotic as much as damned people who are (partially but crucially) responsible for one’s carreer and portfolio.

Plus, the reluctance they have to release any written proof of anything makes them GREATLY SUSPECTED. 

What do they want to HIDE? 

Universal Music GmbH, Warner Bros, EMI, etc…I am talking to YOU.

You know what to do.

I wait and I now put my trust and faith in your hands.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. Reader, speak up. UNITY WINS.






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