Wanna bathe yourself into Berlin’s “Gl’amour pur”?

Go to the exhibition “Bourdin.Newton.Marino” at Helmut Newton Stiftung in Berlin and nowhere else.


From December 1st 2017 to 13th May 2018.


As soon as you start walking in that space, you’ll be litterally abducted by the amount of juicy visual content created by world-wide-known Great Masters of photography, the structure and the depth of each single surreallistically glamoury fashion photograph.


A refreshing experience for everyone living in the Instagram Era, the Era of hypocrite sharing, as one snaps (often with their smartphone), pretends to be willing to share the picture with the world, but by doing this, the meaning of the word “sharing” is heavily being distorted by the above described process, as it’s based only on an egoistic need to get likes and (maybe) get noticed (quoting what Angelo Marino (picture below with Shelly Verthime) said at the press conference).


In “June’s Room” you’ll get the most out of the contemporary Insta-fever shot entirely on iPhone, made great by physical highest quality possible prints on canvas made to look like a five-pictures slide. Expect greatly saturated colors, perfect composition and more directly from Marino’s long-term feed.


The prints you’ll see there, together with the mesmerising video geniously produced by Mike Figgis and Shelly Verthime, shown in another room, composed by individual bits or better said collage of fragments shot in different formats (super 8 and 35mm, among others)  The sublime music is composed by Rosey Chan. It will drive you to another dimension.


true dimension, a universe where memories analogically last forever, far far away from the instant life where everything can be lost and forgotten in the blink of an eye.

Watching that short movie yesterday, I asked myself if one could ever possibly re-produce that overwhelming glamour with today’s digital tools. the answer is a BOLD, HOPELESS NO, the colors palette, the softness on the contours, everything that belongs to film is solely an exclusive prerogative of silver emulsions.


No digital filter can match that, so please stop now even trying imitating it because it is pathetic.

This is what makes every single frame so worthy, precious and truly glorious in its aeternal beauty.

Every artist with his own strengths: Helmut Newton, called himself “a gun for hire” being able to shoot in any light condition, great observer basing himself on discipline and structure, Guy Bourdin “the image maker”, with the power of his imagination and the ability to get the best out of any camera and environment, Angelo Marino, “another story”, former assistant of Helmut, inheriting his Master’s depth and fluidity of content, keeping his own visual identity and uniqueness.


We thank Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Helmut Newton Stiftung Berlin, Guy Bourdin Estates, Dr. Matthias Harder, Philippe Garner, Nadine Dinter PR.


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