ZDF/ARD is ready for the Olympics and Paralympics 2018 in “Frieden und Gedeihl”.


Sometimes one might find peace right where a (western) citizen would least expect it, especially in these hard times.


Well let me tell you that there is a hidden peace message in the name of the circa 50.000 inhabitants of Pyeong Chang, South Korea’s “paradise of skiing”, meaning litterally “Peace and Benefit”.


The city has been – controversially – chosen to host the Olympic and Paralympic games of 2018. It (for now) seemed to reveal itself a good decision, despite all the skepticism and critics. Time will tell.


An apparently great contrast with the actual intricate and extremely delicate global political situation (someone also added as a provocation that the current situation may recall the Cold War with Russia and America being on opposite sides), where the menace of missiles upon our head as well as the potential great danger of an atomic bomb, makes us all shake from fear and look for sedation.




Two ZDF reporters who have already been sent on location, they claim that Corea is well known for its extreme temperatures; that Coreans are happy about these great International competitions happening in their amazing land (being still today not as popular among western Countries as much as China and Japan), but being particularly pragmatic, they tend to show way less enthusiam than Germans do, at the moment. They also seem not to take their leader, Kim Jong Un, that much seriously, using the metaphor or a dog that barks but doesn’t mean to bite for real.


ZDF decided to engage less people this time, unlike they did for last edition in Sotchi, but they guarantee us that not only this won’t affect in any way the quality of the services they will provide but they also add for their viewers:

  • an award winning 360° camera which will be able to give access to otherwise rarely available points of view for as long as 50 hours.
  • live virtual reality;
  • 3 different livestreams

and experts keeping an eye on hot topics such as doping and politics.


ARD will provide:

  • An all-around-coverage

and they will focus on International conflicts.


For what concerns the Paralympic games, they’re equally (and maybe even more) loved by the public, these two channels promise to exactly give the same attention and opulency in documentating.


Accessibility most sadly, still seems to be a MAJOR ISSUE everywhere in the world.

We hope that new solutions will be found SOON.








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