Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a real GOOD game, for real GOOD people.


When I buy a game, I usually buy it for the following reasons:

  1. Somehow, the main character seduced me, so it’s a Cupid’s arrow that goes directly through my heart and gets to the wallet;
  2. The cinematic trailer looks sooo good that the only way to stop watching it is to buy the game;
  3. I read an article or a review and it’s terribly intriguing.

You will be surprised to hear none of those above is the reason why I ended up buying this game.

Errr… I actually did NOT plan to buy this game, at the very beginning.

Life is indeed strange…

I mean, the first time I googled it and saw no disc to buy anywhere, I thought the game wasn’t even out yet.

In fact, nearly a year has passed from the actual launch of the game to me downloading and installing it.

I feel like it wasn’t advertised enough, in EU.

Or maybe I simply didn’t pay enough attention to it.

I read a few catchy lines about “mental illness reference”, “darkness” but it was all kind of mysterious: I could not get a full, clear picture from the trailers and what has been written unofficially.

I liked those fragments, by the way.

So I had Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice in my wishlist.

It comes digital only, I was really sweating and feeling uneasy at the thought of NO DISC.

I has been my first all-digital purchase on PlayStation Store.

I personally tend not to buy digital for PlayStation.

Mainly because if for any reason you don’t like a game anymore, you can’t resell it and it’s wasted money.

But luckily that’s not the case: this game is really sooo GOOD you’ll FORGET and FORGIVE everything and everyone.

Then I overcame my shyness, took a deep slow breath and went for it.

So, I bought it and I immediately L-O-V-E-D it. Which is rare.


I was about to write that this game is not for everyone but you know what?

To play the game you only have to be +18, have a heart that beats and be aware of the presence of Psychosis that will always “guide” you, the way an old friend would do. Its company doesn’t feel any bad or scary to me, quite the contrary.

Plus, Ninja Theory has conducted a research to increase accuracy and with the help of psychiatrists and patients, managed to give it a delicate, poetic and spiritual, yet real value to the delirium, adding even more meaning and depth to the story.

Which is exactly what I expect to see and appreciate in a videogame for adults.

You will see things that are not really there, things that change or things that are not as they seem…

Did you get curious now?


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is an AAA Game that comes for half the price (of an often over-priced) standard game for half the length.

Now, the length is no issue to me as long as there’s coherence and QUALITY.

Speaking of quality…

The Devil is in the details. There’s no Devil, just the details.

Just have a look to these screenshots and artworks that Ninja Theory has kindly provided.

In the actual gameplay, you’ll see nothing less that you saw in cinematic.

TRULY, that’s NO joke.

The amount of detail is insane as well as the smoothness of animations is.

They invested in innovation. This is clearly shown and makes a real difference. Bravo.

When I see high notes, I get somewhat skeptical.

But after just a few minutes of gameplay, I found myself completely absorbed in Senua’s universe and my jaw literally dropped realizing how much has been delivered with this well-polished masterpiece.


The combact system is “easy”, yet will surprise you all the time.

I found myself coming up with a loud “WOW, oh, how did I do that?!”

It feels like I’m truly there fighting the creatures.

Boss fights will be tough, in the first one I died 3 times with “auto” difficulty settings and once on easy, then finally won.

You will also have to face multiple enemies at once, and that’s adrenaline.

I love it.


This game is so immersive, incredibly realistic and bittersweet.

There is NO tutorial. THANK GOD!!!, I personally hate tutorials in games.

This alone was worth every cent.

You will have to practice a bit but only takes a minute, then you’re good to go.

Also, no maps, I’ll admit I got lost a couple of times, but that’s just me, it won’t happen to you, I promise.


The nature is stunning.

I found myself so many times stuck, just because I was watching the landscapes, the trees, the water…

When it’s windy, you can feel it on your skin. When it rains, you can drink it.

You know what I mean?

The sound design is just P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

Screenshot_04Senua is not a hottie. She’s one of us. She’s us. Loud and proud of all her imperfections.


Senua faces her destiny as a broken young woman who only has her humble self.

With courage, determination and faith.

She has no fancy sword or shiny armor and no magic tricks, though she is special.


The thought of “permadeath” won’t leave the player alone.

I died 7 times and I swear I have never counted my deaths in a videogame. I started now.

Nice thrill.

This stunning masterpiece has no flaws, as far as I have noticed and it places itself officially on the 3rd place on the list of my favourite games of all times.

Buy the game NOW on GOG, Steam, Playstation or Xbox Store.


Enjoy the ART.

All pics are a Courtesy of Ninja Theory.

All rights reserved.


Thank you Ninja Theory, from the heart for putting such a gigantic effort in this conceptual jewel.

Very few other developers and games can reach this niveau.


Watch this and more on:




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